How to pass the exams

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To learn the material and answer the examiner’s questions, that is, to prepare. It is well known, but almost never works. Safely surviving the semester, 95% of the students are faced with a situation when you need to learn a mountain of tickets in just a few days. But this is real: use the method “3-4-5″, find an alternative supply of lectures, use of visual memory. Prepare notes and make your body memorize the most information. How exactly to do this – will tell you more.


Do not throw to do at the same time as I got the job or exam fees. Prepare your body. The more effectively you will work your brain, the more energy you will get from the inside – the more successful will be the preparation, the more you will be able to remember and not forget in the future. What you need to do for the body:

  • To sleep and to respect the day (to get up and go at the same time).
  • Eat right – choose rich in carbohydrates and vitamins food to sandwiches and snacks.
  • Relax and alternate activities – stay at the computer or watching a movie is not the best idea.
  • To squeeze more energy from your body by regular charging or delivered.
  • To work on mental strength, to isolate yourself from anxiety and stress.

Truths. But almost none of these recommendations should not, not realizing the importance of preparing their organisms to the class during the exam session. And it was his unwillingness is the main reason for the inability to remember simple formulas, rules, terms. You think you’re doing everything right, but no result. The body simply refuses to learn. Treat it gently in your best interest.

Be sure to sleep 7-8 hours or as much as you need. Sleep won’t take the time cheerful because you will be able to learn about 50% more material than tired and overwhelmed.

Can’t sleep due to thoughts about the test and potential dismissal after receiving a negative mark? Take a walk, drink warm tea with honey and try to take off the burden of responsibility is just a session that you will not pass if you don’t.

Search for motivation and development lesson plan

It would seem, motivation is a must to take the session. In fact, it is fear to fail and be expelled. You need a real motivation. Remember the “bonuses” that were owed to successfully pass the session to the students. First, it’s a scholarship. Second, other incentives for the students. Thirdly, there is a sense of freedom and well-done work – the euphoria that cannot be compared to anything else. Ideally, if you can make a gift in the case of successfully passed exam – gadget, stay in some unusual place or even a celebration with friends.

Development plan preparation for the session

The compulsory stage of preparation for classes, which cannot be neglected. How to pass session and tests perfectly, if you have no plan of action? A lesson plan is a plan of action. Each item in it is specific and measurable. On each part of material is given to your time. You don’t have to randomly look for, what to teach now and what can be left for later. Everything is structured and laid out on shelves.

How to develop a training plan:

Add to this the backup time of 12 hours.

Calculate the daily class time.

Combine all in a table.

You should get a rough idea of time, which you will need to spend on preparation for each subject, and a single schedule to be followed.

Soberly assess their strength – perhaps you just 10 minutes to learn each ticket. Spent on the development time, it is important to multiply by 2 – this watch will take to the repetition and consolidation of material. Such schedule be recommended if you have at least 25-30 days to prepare.

Selection of optimal training methods

Planning. In this case, you make the schedule, count the number of required hours for preparation and reduce everything to a single graph. The classic method that is highly recommended to students suffering from a lack of discipline and/or accustomed to be trained in stages, gradually. You will know that every day you need to check not less than, say, 5 tickets. You will see the ultimate goal every day is disciplinarum student and often simplifies the training and makes the process more transparent.


Emergency measures: training in 1-3 days

It’s good to pass the session, if training is left only 1-3 days? In this case, it is necessary to abandon the classical algorithm of training with scheduling and phased training – you simply do not have time. The idea is to prepare at night also refused – at least 5-6 hours should you sleep every day, otherwise the brain just can’t work at 100%. How to pass session if you know nothing, and time has left very little:

Find lectures, notes, summary.

To try speed reading or reading from corner to corner.

See ready solutions of tasks and to understand the algorithm.

Make brief notes to write the main points on each ticket.

To stimulate the brain power and walks (oxygen).

Stocking up on nuts, chocolate and citrus fruits (if not contraindicated), in the morning we eat porridge, and begin to teach.

No sedative and especially psychotropic drugs are not taken – will only get worse.


TOP 10 tips for successful completion of the session

Partial isolation. When I passed the session in the first year, I immediately realized the mistake: I did not provide sufficient insulation. It is impossible to prepare well, if you are constantly distracted by conversations with friends, on social networks and watching videos on YouTube. Isolate yourself from everything that steals time.

Need to sleep. Not the first time talking about it. Here is the opinion of the researchers: sleep, students are often able to remember 3-4 times more information than those who did not sleep the night before. Why torture yourself if you still lose? Be sure to get enough sleep.

Write notes. Even if you have lectures, even if the process of writing helps you remember the information – still write. Better not deployed, and thesis – 5-7 key points from each ticket. Based on these notes, test themselves and respond is maximized, repeat.

Refrain from sedatives. If you do not pursue the panic attacks and sedatives not prescribed by a doctor – do not take them. Healthy excitement is normal. Fight with him relaxing music, walking, chocolate and faith in own success. Sedation can disrupt brain function.

Niveliruya problem. Session is not a problem. It is a normal workflow. Despite its importance, it is not necessary to do tragedy from occurring. Even if you will fail – it will just be a solvable problem. Do not wrap themselves, do not create the tragedies in his head.

Prepare your body. Eat choline-rich eggs rich in complex carbohydrates cereals, nuts and refreshing citrus fruit – nourish your brain. Walk, giving the body more oxygen. Let your body rest is a change of activity – if you were taught, dance, chat with friends, most importantly do not all sit at the same computer.

Stimulate memory. Trust yourself and try as often as possible to arrangecheck, rehearsing for the exam. Answer the tickets without seeing the lecture notes and tutorials. Do the exercises on memory development. Plan answer, which is easier for you to just reproduce material.

Locate motivation. It is the basis of the discipline when preparing for the exam. Imagine how you will feel after passing the exam, what bonuses will get. Be aware of the need to do work that can affect your success in the future and make it more achievable.

Follow the plan. Without a competent plan for training impossible. If by “engage” you know something abstract and not know how much material you need to learn today, the task is much more complicated by. The process becomes chaotic, lost preparation.

Discard the “tricks”. Cribs should write only if it will help you better remember the material. Use them on the exam are not recommended. As well as earpieces or phones – the probability that everything goes smoothly, tends to zero. The excitement can knock you out and stop to answer a ticket even in the presence of perfect knowledge.



Usually students looking for training secrets for the session – some things you can do to prepare without classes. You understand that they don’t exist. Pick the best method of training schedule and in thesis abstracts, nurture inner discipline and do not scoff at own organism. Understand that good grades is success. But success you must earn. Not always of course, but in 99% of cases. And if you do everything right – everything will work out. Do everything correctly and consistently, only then you will pass all exams and to remain satisfied with the work done.